March vs. Monsanto in Yucatan

Since 2013, Merida Verde has called general public civil associations and groups of farmers and teachers to attend and participate in the global movement that is celebrated every year on May 25 against transnational Monsanto.

With a Facebook page with more than 1500 followers in the city of Merida, and two demonstrations held each with about 200 people, Mérida Verde underlines its opposition to the use of transgenic seeds in the Yucatan Peninsula. Together with other civil society organizations, we have written letters-requests to the authorities of SAGARPA demanding to keep their promise to establish the Yucatán Peninsula as a place free from GMOs. Merida Verde A.C. has also participated in collecting signatures for mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms in products we consume daily.

These signatures (more than 600) were filed by lawyers with other of different states before the Supreme Court. We are still waiting for a resolution.