La Plancha Great Park

The Mérida Verde association participates in the “Gran Parque de la Plancha” project that seeks to create a large public park within the grounds of the railway complex in the historic center of the City of Mérida.

At the request of a group of residents of these lands, Mérida Verde initially participated in the board of directors aimed at shaping the first plans for this park. Later, Mérida Verde A.C. He has participated particularly in developing the vision that the park should have in terms of the environment and gardens. According to our objective as an association, Mérida Verde has designed a plan in which it is intended that the park of la plancha has more than 80% of wooded area so that it truly is an area that functions as a lung for the first painting in Mérida .

In addition, it is planned that a botanical garden, ponds with aquatic plants, a palmetum, an orchard forest with fruit species, etc. exist within the park. Likewise, it has been proposed that the park should have a very important function as an open CLASSROOM that is dedicated to teaching activities on the environment.

Workshops on solid waste recycling, urban gardens, conservation, water care, reforestation, etc. were proposed. For all these reasons, in Mérida Verde A.C. We believe that it is essential to join efforts with other civil associations to make the Gran Parque de la Plancha a reality in the short term.

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