Earth Day 2013

On Sunday April 21 Earth Day celebration was held at Centro Estatal de Bellas Artes, a place with beautiful and big gardens, from 9 to16 hours. Water, air, earth and fire were the points to reflect the importance of these elements, what is our relationship and impact on them. So for the fifth time Merida Verde celebrated Earth Day, considering that it is time to assess the work of everyone for the preservation and protection of the planet, adding as a fifth element the consciousness.

The day began with a Mayan ceremony and yoga class for children. There were workshops for children for making pots, recycled fish, pinwheels, kites, origami, candles and recycled toys. There was a series of talks on healthy food, Chinese medicine, organic farming, transgenics, biodegradable, pets, water treatment, sustainable architecture, agrochemicals, ibes bean varieties, bats and Mayan life.

In addition child percussionists Cak Xulub Chen offered the show “Music and Dance for the Gods”, students of Fine Arts played a work of ecological theater, Niños y Crias pesented a puppet theater, the group De la Hoja al Vuelo sang trova music.

Also, Merida Verde organized a donation of trees to interested attendees, we saw how a bio-digester works and learned how to recycle at home. About 1600 visited this event.

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