Earth Day 2011

2011 Earth Day was held at La Ibérica in Colonia Garcia Ginerés on Sunday April 10 from 9 am to 6 pm. Approximately 1,000 visitors attended this celebration. Previously we had a press conference at Hotel Piedra de Agua to announce the activities that would take place that year.

The Ibérica was a big space that allowed a large number of exhibitors, educational and cultural activities. Members of Merida Verde invited attendees to change their habits to prevent further rising levels of carbon dioxide in the planet as part of joint activities with UVM college students explained how to make walls with recyclable materials. We could see a very interesting bike with an integrated solar panel. The NGO ADAY explained about the care of the local fauna.

There was also an exhibition related with growing food in plastic containers, and as always many exhibitors, including members of Slow Food, offered locally, healthy and delicious food. There was also an exhibition of ecological films for children. Multiple artists throughout the day were presented: there was a fashion show, flamenco dancing and the presence of singer Maria Moctezuma. We also had various craft workshops aimed at children. The last show was given by the Mayan children dance group Sacred Caracol.

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