Earth Day 2010

Our two day fair began at a private mansion in García Ginerés on Saturday, April 24 and on Sunday, the 25th, there were activities during and after the Bici-Ruta, coordinated by the City of Mérida and workshops at Parque A´ak, a totally sustainable ecological park.

The Saturday crowd of about 600 was greeted by a “green” sculpture that students from the School of Arts (Esay) created from the on-site vegetation. The fair´s main objective was to raise consciousness through sustainable, ecological, organic and green commercial exhibits and events. One member explained the dangers of the mosquito that causes dengue fever, complete with micorscope visuals.

We more than double the exhibitor and vendor participation: there were films for children and adults, healthy food, and a multi-prize raffle thanks to local business donors. Visitors were encoraged to bring their recyclable materiasl since Metales Molina was there to collect PET plastic, aluminum, newspapers and cardboard.

On of our partner co-sponsors, Niños & Crías, put on a especially popular puppet show focused on environmental issues for young children.

Because of this event, one particpant became so interested in the alternative energy offerings and benefits of a certain company´s products, he contracted for six major solar installations that now service almost all the power needs of his local polo club. As a spin-off from that, one of the polo players is now building stables and groom quarters at the polo club, all solar powered.

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