Earth Day 2014

It was held on April 27th at the Paseo Montejo, as part of the Biciruta. This year the axis of the event was sustainable cities with pavilions of clean energy, sustainable transportation, green building and green city. We initiated the activities with a pre-hispanic dance, followed by a yoga class, a presentation of musical theater and capoeira.

Throughout the day there were various talks related to solar energy, plastic bags, recycling and responsible pet ownership. There were many workshops and games for kids of recycled cars, ecological house, pinwheels, tetrapak wallets, carved glass and green home paint painting.

The CINVESTAV exhibited the game exploitation of natural resources, models with solar cells, wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells and devices that run on electricity and carts that move with hydrogen and solar power. During this day we had more than 40 exhibitors and about 3500 people visited the event.

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